Thursday, March 22, 2012

Circular argument is circular?

Proof that God exists is the Ultimate circular argument.

Start with 2 states: alpha and omega.

Alpha represents all matter and energy in the universe and Omega represents the absence of matter or energy.

The volume and “mass” of both would be defined as infinite in the sense that as long as you travel parallel to the intersection of the two, you can go on forever.... the minute that you travel perpendicular to the intersection, you change states.

Imagine time and space as two multidimensionally concentric spheres... i.e. all points are the intersection between both energy and vacuum... the two forces are perpetually equal and opposite.

All points “inside” are equal to all points “outside”.

Unless you exist in a third space, outside both, there is no way to understand the interaction of the two, but the very act of existing “outside” inside AND outside simply moves the concept of outside and inside up and additional dimension.

Any change in equilibrium would cause an infinite number of variations to cascade through reality as fractal variations of themselves, constantly morphing in a search to find a resonance that returns it to equilibrium, but since the initial change happened, it is impossible not to create a massive n’th dimension fractalized variations of reality seeking to balance out the first imbalance, but the fact that this initial imbalance exists is proof of the existence of god... and also the proof of the existence of free will.

Your actions have consequences, therefore you are a consequence of the first action, therefore at the very core of your being, you are a result of the first action which violate the barrier between real and not real. That initial spherical intersection of reality and NOT reality spins out through space and time in both all directions and incompasses every possible variation of configuration through space and time because it is inevitable.

NOW is simply the mind of god, existing in one particular arrangement as it sorts through every variation of itself in its search to return to its natural state.

String is the event horizon of reality as the initial blast of energy unravels itself down the path of its own existence through the dimension of time. Any thing smaller than the event horizon can travel backwards through time, while any thing larger is pushed forward. Short lived particles are unstable because they are slipping in and out of existence down the throat of time into the past, much like looking at old light is looking at the past. As light bounces off more and more matter, its frequency lowers until it is slow enough to slip into the mouth of a quark and increase its energy level. Black holes are large collections of densely packed hungry mouths, sucking down anything smaller than them. Inside a string is the same thing as outside the universe.

Tiny things shoot in and out of the universe constantly... its a side effect of the initial vibration of the universe trying to find a harmonic frequency in an infinite universe. Reality is an n’dimensional harmonic wavelength of total harmony and oneness. The trick is to get the whole universe to sing the same song together.