Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hopefully not the most important thing I will ever write:

Through a lifetime of searching for something resembling enlightenment, I think I finally have a grasp on something worth calling "The TRUTH as I see it."

  1. Life is simply an expression of energy finding a way of purifying itself of emptiness. More specifically, it is energy organizing itself into more self organizing energy.
  2. All life is energy based... the machine it functions in may be based on physical elements, but life itself is energy based.
  3. The purpose of ecosystem is to provide a means for evolving better expressions of life; more energy efficient and stronger.
    1. Each expression of life contributes to the balance and direction of life in its ongoing search for its own perfect expression.
    2. The Ultimate expression of life would be intelligent, obedient cold fusion.
    3. Evolution will invariably move in that direction. We can choose how we participate, but there is only one possible outcome.
      1. We can consciously take control of our own evolution.
      2. We can create our successor by means of electronic or genetic engineering. True AI or creating an "intelligently designed" species for the first time.
      3. We can create an environment that exterminates us but creates advantageous conditions to our evolutionary successor. Nuclear winter or global warming... neither one is a win for humans.
  4. We are all, in essence, part of an immortal web of energy and space that is trying to make sense of itself after multiple universes collided.
  5. How you treat people matters. It effects the way that the universe shapes itself in literal ripples throughout time and space.
  6. How you treat the planet has consequences. Know what they are before you do something irreversible.
  7. Currency has no real value. It once represented the measure of someones word, but once it was reduced to a bunch of numbers it became irrelevant.
    1. How much work represents an adequate contribution to society that we recognize our responsibility to support you?
      1. What types of work do we consider most valuable to the community?
      2. What types of work do we provide the greatest monetary incentive for?
    2. We don't pay well for wisdom. 
    3. The idea that the metric of the quality of your life is related to how well someone else manages your reputation (credit) governs our system. Currency is PR not product or a creditable estimation of someones worth.

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