Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paranoia or Astute Observation?

I find it interesting that during the lead up to the current economic crisis, there was a TREMENDOUS increase in marketing of gold buying services.  Suddenly we're seeing this massive spike in gold prices not long after a major push to remove gold as a tangible asset from the population at large. How many people facing an impending foreclosure ditched their family jewels and old heirlooms thanks to the miracle of modern marketing.

Was there a conscious effort somewhere in the market to increase the wealth gap by collecting up the real asset while depreciating the value of the paper money it was exchanged for? I'm not a big fan of the global economic conspiracy theory, but sometimes cause and effect are difficult to differentiate between. Are people ditching their real assets in order to pick up monopoly money because its convenient right now or is it convenient right now in order to encourage people to do it.

Even as I write this, gold opened $30 higher this morning...

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