Friday, August 5, 2011

The Plan: Phase 1

  1. Withdraw all assets from overseas.  Troops, vehicles and materials down to the metal used in wiring and construction.
  2. Moratorium on all weapons system contracts.
  3. Moratorium on exports... including garbage.
  4. Assign navy to recover “island of trash” in the pacific and begin recycling.
  5. Encourage all citizens to start “Victory Gardens.”
  6. Re-task military contractors to the production of green energy projects: solar, tidal, wind.
  7. Decriminalize possession of street drugs under guidelines similar to alcohol... ie no public intoxication, operating machinery, etc.
  8. Release non-violent drug offenders from prisons.
  9. Create a drug treatment policy based on education rather than fear.
  10. Convicted criminals tasked to landfill reclamation projects: recover recyclable assets from known disposal sites.
  11. Create “open source” committees for addressing problems with infrastructure, especially power, water, sewer, highways and data transmission with guidelines that new infrastructure be easily upgradeable and environmentally sustainable..
  12.  Task military with performing upgrades to infrastructure once an appropriate system is decided upon.
  13. Redefine the concept of a corporate charter so that stewardship of community resources takes priority over short term monetary gain.
  14. Address the banking cartels by reinstating usury laws, eliminating the partial reserve system, instituting a limited currency standard (gold or otherwise).
  15. Re-task NASA to developing resource recovery techniques for near-space objects i,e mining the moon and eventually asteroids.
  16. First temporary moon colony in 10 years.
  17. First temporary colony on Mars in 20 years.
  18. Eliminate farm subsidies for non-producers.
  19. Outlaw terminator seeds.
  20. Encourage organic farming techniques.

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