Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Already Know the Answers

People are being deliberately obtuse about their role in the destruction of human kind as a species.  The media seems unconcerned with the eminent demise of their entire subscription base, corporations ignore the best long term interest of their shareholders (survival) in favor of short term profits and governments are still worried about things like deficits.

Its time for all of us to grow up and stop hiding in the shadow of day to day distractions.  It doesn’t matter if you are white or black, buddhist or atheist, rich or poor... you personally are contributing to the planets demise.  Even by taking the time to write this warning, I’m using resource that could better serve to stop starvation in a third world country or provide resources for cancer research.

There are so many REAL problems in this world, it seems a shame that we keep wasting our time and effort on wars and needless killing.  There are so many real threats to our survival that making up problems like “Who’s god is real?” seems a little disingenuous.

Here’s a truly novel idea.  How about humanity, as a species, set aside all their differences for.... I don’t know... 100 years.  During that 100 years, those who want to work, can work.  WE can find jobs for everyone.  The results of working?  You get a nice place to stay, food all the time and the government will take care of you when you CAN’T work anymore...  Those who choose NOT to work... well, we can’t waste resources on you... so get the hell out.

Sounds an awful lot like idealized communism.  It also sounds an awful lot like idealized capitalism.  And at its roots, it is idealized christianity.  For 10,000 years, humanity has been reaching towards an ideal economy where those who work benefit, and those who don’t fail.  Its no different than what any social species tries for.  In the end, each individual is responsible for their own success or failure, but that success or failure also impacts the species as a whole.

For some reason though, we keep getting bogged down by criminals.  Sinners.  Greedy bankers and lazy lawyers.  For some reason, we can’t get passed the fact that there are some people too stupid to recognize that their own greed works against the system.

Producers will produce, given the opportunity.  If you put work in the average mans hands and tell him it needs to be done, for his own comfort and survival, he will do it.  It doesn’t matter if the economic system is capitalist or socialist or communist.  It doesn’t matter if the government is democratic, totalitarian or fascist.  All that matters is that there NOT be corruption.

Corruption through greed, self-deception, and cowardice are the fundamental issue with ANY form of government and its failure.

Its time to start a form of government that fears to fail its people.  A government founded on the principle that those who are corrupt will not dare to take power.

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