Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Thousand Hashtags do not a Movement Make: #OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet

#OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet #USDoR (U.S. Day of Rage) #Sept17 (Date for Protest) #OpESR (Operation Empire State Rebellion) #October2011 #Oct8  #FYW or #FuckyouWashington... the list goes on and on, but the represent one idea:

We DEMAND change.

The problem is that there seem to be dozens of movements aimed at bringing about this change.  That won't get the job done.  A trillion raindrops sprinkled across the beach don't hit with the same force as a tidal wave.  I'm not saying that people should abandon their ideals, or surrender their hard work on a particular issue in favor of someone else's goals, but we need unity to effect change.

I firmly believe that the time has come for a serious and purposeful dialogue among the CITIZENS of this country, but until the various organizations working towards that goal can agree on a forum, we're all just raindrops on the sand.  We can bring about a change in paradigm, but we need to join hands, establish our priorities and move forward as a nation.

We don't have major media working for us, unlike our opposition. We need to take advantage of every opportunity we get to express to others what it is that we stand for. This isn't about communism, marxism, anarchism or capitalism. Its about building a better human race and a better universe for that race to live in.

Whether we are ranting about injustice on the other side of the world or in our own back yards, we need to recognize that we are not just making demands... we are trying to open a dialogue with people who view the world differently than us. Plant small ideas in their minds and let them grow. Don't try to change a persons whole set of beliefs in one go. All that does is make them defensive.

This IS about dialog. Listen as much as you talk and return reasoned responses. Talking points are cute, but they don't prove anything other than that you are better at being brainwashed than your partner in the discussion. Respect them, but show them the errors of their reasoning. If they don't have reasoning to support them, show them the error of unreasoned faith.

And while I'm at it... electronic activism is great, but we need more than bits and bytes to bring about serious movement in politics.  We need to talk to real people around us as who are oblivious to the movements on electronic media.  T.V. news corporations are part of the problem and they aren't going to willing participate in the solution... it might undercut their profit margins.  Word of mouth is the only way to get this message spread to people who don't KNOW to search for #wlsup or #freebrad.

So who has the balls to be more than another #Anonymous protester in the crowd?  Who is going to be this generations spokesman?  Where is the face of the new revolution?  Surely it isn't Guy Fawkes.  Despite his appeal, we don't need to blow up parliament to make our point.  We just need to kick the bums occupying K Street, Congress and Wall Street out of their cushy leather chairs.  No point in wasting a perfectly nice building.

I want to see change happen and I want to see it happen with as little loss of life, property and dignity as possible.  So who do we stand behind?

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  1. I would like to see Bernie Sanders elected President in 2012.

    I'm not sure that's the question You were asking, though.

    I agree with You. We need to talk to those who are NOT online, along with those we already interact with online. We need to reach those teachable moments for those who are slowly awakening to the decades of lies, especially the past 10 years of FOX "news" induced sleepwalking inflicted on our US population.

    I think the October occupation of Washington, DC will be a transformative event, and that much that is useful will blossom from it.

    A peaceful transition to a new paradigm is what we need, with a minimum of bloodshed. "Overthrowing" governments is too much inside-the-box sort of thinking for what we need. We need either to reform, seriously, radically reform this US government; if this is not possible, we must replace it - by forming another one. We don't need to overthrow anything, just to stop using it.

    And we must bear in mind that the federal government is not monolithic. There are parts of it that actually work pretty well, like Social Security.

    Dave Manchester


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