Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Plagiarizing from myself.

Humanity is destroying itself
There are only two options: co-operation or self destruction
If we hadn’t become so technologically advanced, we would have more time to figure out how to co-operate.
Never before in the history of the earth has so much ability to destroy been held in the hands of so few men.
An accident could exterminate the whole planet.
We aren’t smart enough to anticipate the consequences of our technological capabilities.
If we can learn to co-operate with each other, we can learn to co-operate with the planet and use the resources we have to control our own evolution..
If we can control our own population growth and demand for resources, we have the potential to expand and fill the universe.  If we can’t learn good stewardship of our resources AND tolerance for one another, we will destroy ourselves before we leave this planet.
Every passing day we choose not to be at peace is another day closer to our own extinction.
We need to evolve NOW beyond the concepts of tribalism so that we recognize the world is one community and has one goal... the preservation of the human species.
If we choose NOT to be our best versions of ourselves and work as a group towards that single goal, we are failing EVERY purpose of EVERY good idea in the course of human history.
War is no longer an option.  Greed is no longer an option.  Apathy is no longer an option.
Any person who does not commit to the goal of saving humanity from extinction NOW and allowing all other debts and enmity to be forgotten is an enemy to all mankind and an enemy of whatever God or nature made us.
There is not time to wait to make the choice.  Either we act NOW to save ourselves from destruction or we will extinguish ourselves from the universe.
All men and women who willingly choose to participate in society for the purpose of advancing the spectrum of human knowledge whether they study the structure of the universe or clean the toilets of those who do... these men and women serve humanities greatest good and they must be protected and given the chance to prosper.  They are the priests serving at the temple of knowledge.  They are the only hope for the future.

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